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  • Give the interviewer a firm handshake
  • Be enthusiastic, confident, courteous, and honest
  • Arrive early and don’t be late
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer
  • Convey interest and knowledge in the position and the company
  • Complete a practice mock interview beforehand
  • Dress professional and be well groomed
  • Listen to the questions carefully and give clear, concise, and thoughtful answers
  • Practice interview questions
  • At the close of the interview, establish a date for follow-up
  • Always thank the interviewer for his or her time
  • Always send a thank you letter

You should discover your passion for whatever brings you the most happiness in life, and you need to do this before you start interviewing for a job. If you are not passionate about your career, you will become bored, will be miserable, and will hate your life. I understand you may need to take an entry-level job to work your way up the ladder, but the ladder should lead to your dream job. The time is now to discover what you want to do with your life. If you are going to the interview just because you see a good job opportunity, but you know you would hate this particular job day in and day out, then don’t go to the interview. I don’t care how much money you think you are going to make, eventually you will burn yourself out and be looking for another job

What are some ways to discover work that I love?

  • Take a career aptitude test to find work you love. I recommend the MAPP assessment. Visit http://www.assessment.com
  • Start a career journal to learn more about yourself.
  • Volunteer or take an entry-level job if it could advance you to your dream job.
  • Seek some advice from a career coach (CLICK HERE for The Hot’s Seat’s career coaching services)
  • Read a book in the self-help category, about finding your passion in life, or career book in general. To order the Hot Seat’s recommended 4 must read books for 49.99 plus shipping and handling CLICK HERE.
  • Write down some questions from the questionnaire and begin answering them with deep thought. Jot down some notes on potential entry-level job opportunities.


The best way to mock interview is with a professional. The Hot Seat provides one-hour mock interview sessions for a small fee via Skype. The mock interviews are conducted and within a few days candidates are given written and oral feedback. For additional questions CLICK HERE. Ask for student discounts!

Whether you are a beginner at interviewing or a seasoned professional, this is an essential step to becoming a master at the interview process. The Hot Seat strongly recommends you practice and record a real-world job interview scenario. Find a friend, family member, educator, or a professional, and have them ask you a list of questions while you provide answers just as if it were an actual job interview. Technology nowadays makes it easier then ever to practice a mock interview.

It looks more professional to walk into an interview with a briefcase or computer bag, instead of prancing in with a few wrinkled copies of your résumé that have dried coffee circle rings on the bottom of the page. Remember, managers sometimes have a candidate hired within the first three to five minutes of the interview.

Here is a list of items I recommend you bring in a professional computer bag or briefcase:

  • Pens and Paper
  • Several copies of your resume
  • Company research that you have compiled in a notebook
  • A folder or binder with significant career or educational accomplishments
  • Relevant questions that you have prepared for the interviewer at the end
  • Application
  • Any additional assignment prepared before the interview Confused about what is appropriate for job interview kit? You can purchase an interview kit directly from The Hot Seat! Job interview candidates have enough to stress about. The Hot Seat Interview Kit will have everything you need to be ready for the job interview!

What’s in The Hot Seat’s Interview Kit?
Professional Portfolio Bag
Leather Bound Notebook
Professional Ink Pens
Multi Tabbed Folders on Items to Bring

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Are you ready to switch careers? Do you feel stuck in your current job? Are you ready to switch jobs and need help? Are you ready for a promotion? Have you been out of the workforce and want a new opportunity? Do you hate your current career? Did you just graduate from college, and do you need some help landing your first job?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, The Hot Seat’s professional career coaching services may be right for you. Unlike other career coaching services, The Hot Seat does an initial selection evaluation. In order to get the highest quality service, the candidate and The Hot Seat both decide if our services can be of assistance. The client is recommended how many sessions based on his or her career goal. The initial appointment is free of charge and there is no obligation. For more information CLICK HERE.