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The Hot Seat:  How to Meet the Challenge of a New Era In Job Interviewing


I have read many job interview books, researched articles, and spent countless hours networking with individuals in pursuit of developing the skill of successful interviewing. While there are many great books out there on job interviewing, I never found a comprehensive one that addressed an all-in-one approach to the subject. The all-in-one manuals that existed at the time did not provide me enough information to set myself apart from the competition. These allegedly comprehensive volumes were too basic for today’s challenging job market.

I have to admit that I have never heard someone tell his or her friends, “Sorry I can’t make it to dinner; I am caught up in reading this riveting, 400-page book about job interviewing.” Nobody wants to read a book that has 500 questions and answers. People who are desperately searching for a job want a short comprehensive guide to mastering the job interview. The Great Recession has changed the job market. With so many qualified candidates in search of a job, a hiring manager has a difficult job sorting through them all to pick the best one. Their time is valuable, so they carefully screen applicants before granting an interview. When you get one, it will be more tedious and require a lot more mental focus and preparation.

Recruiters, former hiring managers, organizational psychologists, executive search firm agents, and career coaches write most job interview books. I have none of those titles or credentials. I am a different kind of expert. I am an Average Joe who learned from my own mistakes, research, and interviews (everyone from hiring managers to recruiters). I have sat in the hot seat almost 50 times and finally decoded the interview process. I was too stupid to figure it out the first time. I had to work at it (over and over) and finally learned to interview the right way. Although it is recommended to understand the hiring manager’s or recruiter’s perspective on interviewing, the best person to help others is the one who has first-hand experience in the exact same situation. I have seen the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to job interviewing. And I have been the good, bad, and the ugly.

I made many mistakes along my career path. The Hot Seat will teach you how to discover your true passion in life, land you dream job, and master the interview. I realize you may be reading this because you are a recent college graduate. You may have no work experience, and you are simply searching for interview techniques. You may be trained in a vocational skill, such as welding, and you are trying to interview for job in a field in which you have been trained. I understand some readers may be the 50 year-old factory worker who was laid off after 20 years of service and now are looking to secure a new job. Some of you may be close to retirement but are in desperate need of a new career path and need help with job interviewing skills. I know some of you have not interviewed for a job in years and do not realize how much the marketplace has changed. Some people desperately need to make more money because of a change in life circumstances. Perhaps you are just trying to advance in a particular career field. Whoever you may be, The Hot Seat will equip you with the knowledge, confidence, and know how to master a job interview.

Good Luck!

Zachariah Ballinger

“Although often written by human resource experts and prepared in a highly professional manner, most of these books were, unfortunately, too academic for many of my readers and/or not sufficiently comprehensive. In a word many were boring. This book is highly interesting (even entertaining), concise, and covers all preparation leading up to the all-important interview, the interview itself and the post-interview period”

-Clayton B., Former librarian, Fort McPherson Library